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Heat Pumps

We install integrated heat pump units as well as conventional units. Integrated units are units where both the geyser or tank and the heating unit are combined in a single unit. The geyser and the heating unit are separate for conventional units.
From heating system repair, to service and maintenance contracts, we excel with our knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

We make use of modular designed tanks, to be able to adjust to customer specific needs and requirements. The treatment plant utilises both Aerobic and Anaerobic processes to treat the waste. Treated water is disinfected and can be used for irrigation or flood irrigation.
We strive not only to make you a happy customer today, but also for the years to come. Our commitment to quality allows us to stand firmly behind the work we do.

Solar Geysers

We install a wide range of both local and European manufactured solar hot water systems. The result is that we are not bound to specific configurations or options. We install on both flat roofs and pitched roofs. Thatch roofs are not suitable for installing solar collectors on. We offer geyser sizes from 150L units to 500L units for domestic use. We also make use of both flat plate collectors for indirect applications and evacuated tube collectors for direct applications.

General Plumbing Services

Laying, servicing & repairing of drains
New installations on houses
General maintenance
Our plumbers are friendly, courteous and listen to your concerns. We present options to solve your problems. You know the cost before we begin the work and we do a thorough clean up of the work area.

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